#drs [API] List of all records that is inside a specific category.
#sheet2site Update image settings page success page /done #sheet2site Updated image settings in the doc
#sheet2site Docs tabs names changed /done #sheet2site Docs- variables names changed /done #sheet2site Docs Describe about template that you can change it any time /done #sheet2site Unlimited websites on sheet2site domain /done #sheet2site Docs. Experiment, you just need Google Sheet basic knowlage /done #sheet2site Fix menu bar filter
CFP to ReactLoop in Chicago
send tax info to CPA
send 15 more personal thanksforsurvey emails
got extensive feedback from reddit and rebuilt the landing page #support
Redirect bots (google bot, etc.) to a non-dynamic page when first loading app (new project)
Enable database backups to remote S3 bucket
Thorough review of mobile bugs for new product โ€” only 3 left (that I know of!)
Fixed 7 bugs caused by bad event delegation behavior on the iPhone with a few lines: http://gravitydept.com/blog/js-click-event-bubbling-on-ios