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Cape Town Day Zero
Countdown to the day Cape Town runs out of water.
Jurn W
Check Wordpress vulnerabilities, speed and security.
ร‰lio Severiano
upgrade extended to 0.9.4 and re-sign all expired IPAs
upgrade macOS
check if there's a mixcloud react embed player #linefm
fix ๐Ÿ” menu icon in mobile app #screenhole
set up .prettierrc & .editorconfig for the project #screenhole
point to the right api endpoints based on env variable #screenhole
Fix Coffee Page #coffee
Fix redirect plugin #paleoglutenfree
send email to tech support because logins don't work #BigClient
added border to middle pricing tier #adeer
reached out on twitter #adeer
reached out on reddit #adeer
followed up people #adeer
Serve up React from Phoenix #pangolist
sudoku file
add autocomplete to text field (product list) #prices
filter on history page by id #wt
filter on history page by dates #wt
filter on history page by user #wt
use promot for reset button to resend all annotations #wt
made the back button on subscription more obvious
a quick print stylesheet for one page, far from perfect, like the pagewill print on 20 paper sheets, but it works
maybe like a lot of fixes woohoooo
update front page so people sign up for account and know there is tracking #financialtoolbelt
home page that is a better explainer for creating an account #financialtoolbelt
convert months to years #financialtoolbelt
daily github commit :)
sell more insurance ad deal expand #nomadlist
distract other humans about absolutely nothing for 2 minutes
write new specs and copy for affiliate homepage #promo
add better contact me call to action on about page #starterstory
1,000 email subscribers!!!!
answer emails #starterstory
hire guy on upwork #starterstory
go through and like/comment on all twitter and fb mentions from HN post #starterstory
review the goals i set at the beginning of the month and try to make a push to finish them now that I hit traffic goals #starterstory
TomboyX feedback #starterstory
add @kenwallace questions to interview template Two simple questions: 1. Are you profitable? 2. Does the business pay your salary? #starterstory
social media for week #starterstory
post mini materials on reddit #starterstory
buy new wallet
refactor into styled components
set device aspect ratio and disable browser zoom
Passport cookie issue #routeshuffle
fix ssl certificate #routeshuffle
Create login database system from Node template #routeshuffle
Forgot password #routeshuffle
implement feature to get user communities #hapramp
phone number validation #hyperping
groups views finish #sms
Set up IG, FB, etc #ceev
add "Like/Follow for coupon" links #ceev
client: setup new terms input and implement autosave
Investigate database selection error report #writeas
send out book summary #witsio