add ๐ŸŒŽ Traveling to similar places as you to /matches #nomadlist
work on #nomadlist video, add sattelites intro and closing logo outro and more stuff
order iRing with cardholder #life
eat Korean chicken #life
ask coworking spaces for footage for #nomadlist video
uncover and rek bitcoin spammer on #nomadlist
fix tooltip text not bold if no bio available #nomadlist (thx @johnonolan)
add Jimbaran, Bali to #nomadlist (thanks Kristof)
died from trying to implement pagination in graphql that works with apollo fetchMore #smumods
3rd copywriting training session #copywritingdelivery
because of close to 30 Cยฐ in the (home) office and some light headache as a consequence prepare red fruit jelly (Rote Grรผtze) with vanilla sauce - cooling down in the fridge is w.i.p. ๐Ÿ˜‹ #life
contact all previous interested people (studio owners, beta testers, voiceover artists) #studiolist
add volunteering option to become a beta tester, ambassador, event organizer or an affiliate partner #studiolist
barefoot morning walk, groceries, finances, trash #life
fixed the DNS & server settings so that email can recieve our newsletter confirmation email #yukorabbit
study data structure solution for hub4.0 integration #meratek
discuss next priorities on gocapture #meratek
fix apple billing problem on gocapture #meratek
work on personal marketing #meratek
write like half of the recap for session 9 #modernapp
trim & export recording for sesison 9 #modernapp
measure body fat (22%) and other metrics for the first time #life123
#life Call provincial government to ask for appointment to authenticate documents
#life Get notary public to authenticate document
#life Inquire about how the f- I can authenticate my birth certificate so that it may be recognized by the Philippine authoritites
Setup nameservers and DNS for frontend and backend #feedr
Fix timeline on personal website
check the ua-string for extra security between (cookie-based) logins #newsletty
allow the verification email link to also log in the user #newsletty
clean up code due to changes a bit #newsletty
send welcome email immediately #newsletty
#errorconsole Write the JS code of catching browser errors and POST them to my service.
#errorconsole Save test logs manually by POSTing them to the service.
#errorconsole Create log model and logs table.
#errorconsole Create website model.
#errorconsole Initiate the project in a new Git repo.
#squadpay holding page hosted
fix mobile formatting for startup links #20startups
*rough* wireframes of Chrome extension UI #skillmap
Start using Zeplin for handing off my design to dev
Makde pattern for a branding job I am about to finish #pl
Try and see if can build a Linkedin Audience for SaaSBox. Share NodeJS training videos
Polish SaaSBox landing / feature pages
get customer with 3.7m followers on Instagram with link to checkout page in bio ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ #checkoutpage
Reduce bouncerate from 41% to 20% with speed improvements & small redesign #landingfolio
Get my first Consultancy gig to get $$$ to compensate for day less for boss #life
Start my new parttime job 3 days a week #life
full day of dayjob but managed to plug a few new conferences in and worked out a new telegram+twitter bot #mylife #conf