make a how to use page to sort offers #jasp
minimal prototype editor for star map tool #printmijnstad
Get first order via react frontend #printmijnstad
Add loading indicator #visarun
finish history report frontend on nicolasplay #meratek
set new tool to use for virtual coworking idea
extend guesthouse reservation for one more month #dn
check and categorize personal time reports from timely on the last month #survivor
joined fb groups to populate custom audience #golf
set title to todo body for todo permalinks #wip
#filepond fix issue where pasting files would throw an error
#filepond fix issue where ignored files inside a folder were counted as files
Update instructions for running a full node (drop Ubuntu PPA, and revise for Core 0.18.0) #bitcoindotorg
πŸ“Ί finished of the #gameofthrones series finale which means my productivity will be up +100% on Sundays #mylife