#biz site: fix nginx config 404 handling, add 404 page, use http/2
#biz send revised proposal TV RIE
#biz customer support: rewrite messy URL handling / page slugging, clean up old URLs (RM CMS)
#biz customer support: follow up / retest external sync (TV ↔ Straight/Delegate)
#biz customer support: fix pagination / URL bug (RM suppliers)
#biz customer support: investigate seo slugging weirdness, follow up with client (RM)
#biz customer support - phone meeting re: replacement API for TV ↔ RIE
#biz customer support: investigate SFTP sync issues TV ↔ Straight / Delegate
#biz customer support: fix frozen queue service
#avoidmenot bot: work on async abstract bot conversation API
#avoidmenot bot: add service control helper for MongoDB (auto start/resume service, ask to escalate permissions if needed)
#biz client work, ongoing work on major update - TV project (1/?)
dev.totaalvers.nl_(iPhone 6_7_8 Plus) (1).png
#biz design concept / proposal: revamped filter UIs (Caz)
#biz update local dev server to php7.3-fpm, kill ruby, upgrade to npm sass
#biz cancel old unused domains on TransIP
#biz customer support: patch form validation issue for multicheck fields (TV)
#biz customer support: reply to incoming tickets (2x)