Add activity notification to rotation create, rotation activation, and incident creation #PagerTeam
Add freshping to list of integrations #PagerTeam
Already submitted to but go ahead and check it out more deeply - the signup process was delightful #PagerTeam
Log in to capterra and request reviews link #PagerTeam
Add Azure Monitor integration instructions #PagerTeam
Add integration instructions #PagerTeam
Attend CoffeeOps meetup #PagerTeam
Write Product Hunt how-to-went blog post #PagerTeam
Add a comparison page against VictorOps, Pager Duty, and OpsGenie plans #PagerTeam
Horizontal scrollbar appears when mouse is plugged in. Fix is overflow-x: hidden. #PagerTeam
Make privacy and terms links open in new tab so as not to lose signup form data user may have filled in already #PagerTeam
integrate crisp chat #PagerTeam
Set up Bing ads campaign using the Bing ads credit #PagerTeam