Add WhatsApp support in lieu of SMS for international users #PagerTeam
Get a list of 100 small startups and their founder email addresses so I can start the long process of cold sales #PagerTeam
Make twitter/og image static so that old copies of it remain valid URLs #PagerTeam
Consider using to release a native mobile app #PagerTeam
Add email to crisp chat, when known #PagerTeam
Check spam score of emails sent from Pager Team using #PagerTeam
Add buttons to Slack notifications to ack or resolve an incident (Leo) #PagerTeam
Investigate MySQL's UTF-8 support for international names #PagerTeam
Spin up an EKS cluster to run Pager Team in AWS for redundancy #PagerTeam
Consider using to release a native desktop app #PagerTeam
Add logos for integrations to make it less wordy #PagerTeam
Add cypress test to ensure user can actually view a rotation listed under 'rotations you can join or view' in the rotations list #PagerTeam
Add individual alarming on GKE and EKS so an alert is fired when either is down #PagerTeam