create whats app group for the photoshoot
share vision board with models
send email OAB
check OAB number and send to accountant
create excel spreadsheet with Singapore expenses
send vision board to photographers
update nomadlist location (back to bali!)
send Alice measurements to Tailor
get measurements Alice
find models (ideally 6)
book accommodation Singapore
Wednesday: Fly to Singapore
cancel travel smarter membership
pick up laundry
record podcast 19h
draft/send legal opinion
review lawsuit P.
reply accountant
reply e-mail domain
transfer btc to wallet
book car pick-up for airport
19h go pick up samples
create FB page
create instagram account
find a name for the brand
review e-mail accountant
find a photographer
liaise with visa agency
reply e-mail M. re charities
post on instagram
message V. to organize IG Live
edit photos D.
talk with Jo about photoshoot
send email to AT.
reply e-mail re translation
pick up laundry
Wed, 03 - 5:30 pm - Dojo E-Commerce Meetup
decide b. models for meeting on Thursday.
check motion cafe/food (ask for vegan options)
research how to open a company in Estonia
amend business plan to include forecast
transfer money to investment funds
figure possible shipment options
call accountant tomorrow 8am