• πŸ“… Sep '17
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don’t let this project die like the dozens of 2017 that I started but never finished. I won’t start anything new until this one is done!
create some potato peeps for the game and share it with the group in form of a gameplay scene. (Its time to Settle with an art style, sigh!)
find a way to better explain what the site does
make the signup process simpler
figure out the review system
add first and last name to the signup form but ditch the password veryfication (people should use their brainz) :)
prohibit empty search queries and change the search engine to index and search by more than just tags
build a nice signup page
add signup, sign in stuff
create relationship between review comment and user/author
finish comment system on reviews
create relationship between reviews and categories
fix the undefined index error on the review page