Medium or personal blog to build an audience?

I'm using Medium 1 year+ and it's working good so far. Easy to setup, get email call to action, and you can reach some audience.

Bharathi P

Should I launch my product everywhere on Product Hunt and Hackernews and IH on the same day? or day by day?

I think yes. I launched like this (San Francisco time):

  • PH 00:01
  • HN 05:00 - 10:00 AM. You can try to post on HN just in couple of hours if you will don't get traction but with different title.

great, thanks

I usually post on HN at around 7-8 am San Francisco time, just when the newest page starts picking up pace.

Wilbert Liu

Does anyone have experience selling Mac apps?

There is also Paddle that was mention by some WIP member but I didn't try it.

  • Good: They are supporting Payoneer withdraw. Good for people from Easter Europe who don't have PayPal (Gumroad do not support PayPal)
  • Bad: Hight fee: 5% + $0.5 vs 3.5% + 0.3$ Gumroad

Yes, I'm using Paddle and it's nice. But I've not tried the withdrawal yet.

Wilbert Liu

Does anyone have experience selling Mac apps?

I started to use Gumroad Fees:

  • if you pay $10 / month fee will be 3.5% + $0.3 from each sale.
  • If you want free you will pay higher fee 8.5% + $0.3 from each sale.

Gumroad calculator (free vs paid):

You can withdraw money to your personal PayPal account (I didn't try yet).

There is some risk that Gumroad or PayPal can verify you and ask some extra docs (it didn't happen to mean but I heard from a friend)

Good caveats on Gumroad & PayPal Andrey, thanks for that! Do you mind to share about how do you withdraw your money then?

will do

All good. Tried withdraw to PayPal. They sending payments each Friday

Andrey Azimov

Simple lazy load in Javascript for images?

Hey, I wanna make simple lazy load for images in Sheet2Site because now it's just loading all. Example of site:

Maybe I need to load not only images with lazy load but cards? Like in