Chris Spiegl
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#cs get ready to travel to Europe
#pn fix push notice sent on 404 error to actually print the error object with JSON.stringify
#pn fixed gulp build process of minification
#pn update ecosystem.json of pm2 deploy system to only reload the webserver
#cs go to cinema and watch "Crazy Rich Asians"
#cs cleanup villa and move to Vegas for two nights
#pn update avatar pictures of support bot and the PushNotice Group
#cs take night sky photos in Zion
#madeit add rate limiting and request slowdown to protect from missuse
#hw add rate limiting and request slowdown to protect from missuse
#pn added rate limiting for api and web page requests so the server doesn't blow up.
#pn Deployed new version publickly and launched the Group Chat for feature ideas, feedback, and support:
#pn created a group to replace the channel. Telegram channels are rather lonely. Groups sound like a better idea to discuss future ideas and stuff.
#pn added a support chat bot so I don't have to deal with thousands of individual chat logs.
Take a break and resess. #pn #hw #madit
#cs Took a morning walk and discovered some amazing views
#cs thought about making more of an abstraction. There are so many things the same in the three projects. It's anoying to keep track what I changed where and change it everywhere. I almost want to link those files together.
#madeit test local telegram bot dev environment
#madeit run loal environment again and adapt all changes made in the other 2 projects
#hw update all files with new structure used in
#hw move database models into newer Sequelize structuer used in other products
#hw add open page showing user signups, total user count, and page view analytics
#hw add analytics page view / api call logging (no IP or tracking)
#cs hike three zion national park caves around the villa
#hw replace livereload with the much more powerful
#hw cleanup gulp buildling and dev environment
#pn Cleanup gulp building and dev environment
#cs stayed up way too late because I am currenty addicted to coding 🙈
#pn implemented /open page inspired by @levelsio
#pn add ?ref= to tracked parameters to count page loads
#pn implement bare bones analytics to track page opens (only logging ref, path, method, responseTime, userAgent, date, and time)
#pn update all NPM dependencies and npm audit fix them
#pn started code base cleanup
#pn test local telegram bot dev environment
#pn test local website development environment
#cs arrive in Zion National Park