shifted servers to Singapore for a 90ms response time vs 400ms for US server #smumods
Be contented with launch stats for #smumods
launched SMUMods to the entire university with 60 active users now and avg 4.5mins browsing time #smumods
almost dead from resolving bugs for #smumods
added paginable graphql queries for sorted professors and courses by no of reviews #smumods
soft launch #smumods
solved the SQL query for sorting by scores 2 associations away (too much ORM heaven made me forget how to do joins, aggregations, subqueries) #smumods
#smumods add deleteReview mutation
#smumods add anonymity for user reviews
died from trying to implement pagination in graphql that works with apollo fetchMore #smumods
☠ ⚰ 💀 🤢 die from implementing JWT for GraphQL API #smumods
add bookmarks feature for multiple models #smumods