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fixed some texts of home page and pricing page #yukorabbit
made a social media landing page #yukorabbit (a page with mobile-first design with essential contents. It redirects to the home if a user accesses the page with a non-mobile device.) https://🦄🐇.ws/social
Fixed the footer design bug (finally!👏) #yukorabbit
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made a coming soon page #yukowrites
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rabbinicorn.com is up and running now! + you can buy a sticker #rabbinicorn
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added a link of my sub projects on the footer #yukorabbit
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merged localization freelancing contents to hi.yuko.im from old yukowrites.com #yukoworks
minor update for hi.yuko.im (chatbot conversation and contents) #yukoworks
fixed the hacked wordpress instance! 💪 #yukorabbit
sort out & researched some micro-startup ideas #yukoworks
moved 3 domains to namecheap from godaddy #yukoworks