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This was super helpful btw. In the end I picked Paddle.

I also got this response on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rienswagerman/status/1176539337514770434

Seems that you can also let Stripe do VAT.

This is what someone said on Twitter yesterday:

CleanShot 2019-09-18 at 13.04.47.jpg

I do this with ScreenFlow, great application but not free.

Thanks! I had another look and found Filmora so gonna try that 👍

I really like those Adam Lisagor video's https://vimeo.com/88901304

He's so good!
Too many inspiration there: https://sandwichvideo.com/projects indeed
Many thanks Jankees!

Trix is a good solution also because it's made by the people who made Rails, so it's a safe bet.