Pete "jajaja" Codes

will I keep good SEO when redirecting from .com to

The domain is quite important :)

By switching to you will likely filter a lot of non UK traffic from seeing your site in Google. This could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. Simply moving to a UK IP can have a similar though less pronounced impact.

A 301 redirect will transfer the trust you've built up eventually, but Google have deliberately made them unpredictable and random to deter spammers. A recent thread on twitter had a bunch of professional SEOs griping that their client's migrations were taking literally months to take place and the sites to return to their former glories. So if you do it, be prepared to lose search traffic for some time.

Is there a particular reason you feel you need to redirect?

Hi,well it's early days so probably better to switch now. My interns site is UK focused so some people said "make it"

Pete "jajaja" Codes

what's the best youtube series for learning about SEO, digital marketing etc

Neil Patel is notorious for ripping off other people's articles and calling them his own.

I can't say I've watched much on Youtube but for SEO articles Brian Dean is good at distilling topics into easy to digest chunks so I'd expect his Youtube channel to be pretty good:

Less sure what you're looking for on broader digital marketing - are you looking for email marketing, pay per click advertising, marketing automation..?

Thanks Johnny - I'm looking for all kinds of things really but I suppose SEO and email marketing to begin with.

Filip Triner

What are your top entrepreneurial podcasts?

Right now I'm mainly listening to:

  • TropicalMBA
  • Startups for the rest of us
  • Rogue Startups
  • Art of Product is new to me and quite enjoying it
  • UI Breakfast depending on the guest

Early Stage Founder looks interesting, but I can't remember having listened to it yet!

Though to be honest while I really enjoy podcasts I find I want to concentrate on them, so with no commute etc it's quite hard to find the time!

Swizec Teller

When my new visa gets approved, should I use it as an excuse to run a learn while you poop subscription discount promotion?

I think the biggest trick with discounts is not to make them predictable. If you run spring / autumn promotions people will wait to buy as they know it's coming, so its definitely a good idea from that POV.
Plus it's fun, human and an extra feelgood factor to celebrate. I saw Justin Jackson is doing a sale for his birthday which I think's great too - you're basically giving yourself a nice present on that day :)


Any feedback on Revolut Business?

I'm using revolut business as I was paying enough in FX fees that the switch saved money rather than costing more. I don't use it as my only bank (tho I guess there's no reason I shouldn't now) but just to receive USD and convert to GBP.
It works really well and due to the monthly there is 0 fees. My biggest frustration is their login verifications can be slow (likely as much due to my setup as theirs) so by the time I receive them the session has tined out and I have to start again. Otherwise all is quick and efficient - transfers between currency accounts are instant and a withdrawal hits my account within an hour.
One slighly weird quirk is a lot of automatic IBAN / SWIFT verification systems think their codes are invalid, so I've had people refuse to pay to that account as their systems won't allow it - but those that have submitted pyament anyway have been paid in with no issues.
I don't use their virtual or real cards yet but looks cool. Might try them out if I get some freelancers who need expenses.

Thanks for sharing Jonny πŸ™Œ Seems to be a solid alternative to old banks!
Have you tried withdrawing Stripe funds toward your Revolut Business account?

Unfortunately that doesn't work, as Stripe will only pay USD to a US account for some reason.

Instead I set up a Transferwise Borderless account which has no monthly fee but a small (0.5%?) fee when you convert currencies. This is based in the US and has the ACH number and routing codes you need for Stripe. It works well for receiving funds but feels less like a complete bank alternative.

One issue I've noticed with both is that while I now have the freedom to choose when to exchange from USD<>GBP and potentially could benefit from better exchange rates, it means I get distracted by exchange rates and Brexit news trying to time my transfers for a better rate. This sometimes messes with my productivity, as I tend to hoard usd until I need GBP and then get anxious about whether I should change now or later...

Oh... that's strange. The payout doc ( seem to indicate that it is possible to transfer proceeds to any bank that's a in country where Stripe operate (see attachment).

The reason i'm asking is because the same doc says:

> Supported bank account types
> A standard bank account with a financial institution must be provided (e.g., checking). Other types of bank accounts (e.g., savings) or those with a virtual bank account provider (e.g., e-wallet or cross-border services) are not supported.

I'm wondering which category Revolut falls into ...πŸ€”

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.42.18.png

You can transfer to any of those countries, but in most cases you can only receive in the relevant currency of that country. EG Switzerland can receive CHF, UK can receive EUR and GBP etc.
So to choose USD you have to choose 'United States' as the country - there's no option for Denmark where Revolut bank. Which means you need a US account number not IBAN, which fortunately Transferwise provide - here's a screenshot of the screen on stripe

Ronald Langeveld

How did you make your first ever $1 online?

As a teenager in 2001 I discovered 'nomorehits', a traffic exchange where you got traffic to your site by visiting other members' sites.

It was pretty dull, so I made a bot in Visual Basic to spawn multiple IE instances and auto surf the sites. I then realised the traffic (and my own site!) was worthless, so I changed my URL to an affiliate link for an online marketing course and started earning commissions. Someone later signed up as my sub-affiliate and I was still receiving occasional $1 cheques from their efforts about ten years later!

Daniel Meade

How important are session analytics?

I've always avoided Google Analytics from sheer paranoia they're going to eat my affiliate sites.
I've not looked at Matomo/piwik in years but I'd be very surprised if session analytics isn't in there somewhere, its just a confusing UI. But I've been very happy with for small websites, which will let you see individual user's paths (though not in aggregate), track goals, campaigns etc, and I've also been playing more with Mixpanel on larger event driven sites. I think we need more options, and hopefully this backlash will lead to more choice, but for now I'm pretty happy with one simple option and one that is above my needs.

Javi RamΓ­rez

I have one month to spend $1.8k in startup-related expenses, how would you spend it?

I think one of the best investments could be to put the money into some high quality content around your product's niche - guides, how tos etc that can bring you free traffic for years to come. Couple this with some download-ables in exchange for email addresses and you could be picking up many more potential customers and leads from the search engines over the years to come.

This can also help with the lack of product market fit - provided the content is reasonably relevant to whichever direction your product eventually takes, it can still help bring in customers well into the future, vs a one off ad buying spree which may not offer long term benefits

Thanks! I like this idea, but I have the feeling I could do this myself later in the product lifecycle, plus I don't feel like dealing with hiring copywriters/designers right now tbh πŸ˜… But you're totally right: that would be a nice long-term investment rather than burning dollars in ads.


  • It's free money
  • It's going away
  • You'll always have more to do, so you probably won't do writing vs something you do daily like coding. I like writing and feel I'm reasonably good at it. Number of articles I've written for my saas in the last 12 months? Zero.

Finding writers is pretty easy vs finding a developer or similar, and if done well so your content attracts links and thus even more traffic it's an investment that effectively compounds over time. That said, if you could pay a developer to eg write an integration for an app store like Shopify, Wordpress or similar that could bring you a steady flow of new customers that could be a great investment too.

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

Best Windows Laptop with $800 budget ?

I had a number of laptops broken by my children so decided >1k for a decent development machine was quite a risk! So last year I went to China (or rather, GearBest) and bought a Chinese machine that clones the macbook design for about $500 - - it has a fantastic screen, reasonable fanless processor and 8GB ram, + the equivalent spec would have been 2-3x the price at retail in the UK. I love it, tho I do miss a faster CPU from time to time, and have had no real issues, though some have reported build quality problems.

The Xiaomi Pro 15 gets pretty well reviewed for a more powerful Chinese laptop - and the spec is roughly the same as you'd pay $2k for from Dell or similar - but as with any of these Chinese models you can expect little to no customer support or after sales service so spending almost 1k for a machine with no warranty might feel a bit nuts.

If you're happy with the risks of buying overseas then seems to do pretty fair reviews, might be worth a look?

Jankees van Woezik

I'm about to ditch Facebook tracking pixels and Google Analytics on my Saas, anyone have experiences with alternatives to Google analytics?

I use for quick simple sites. For something like a saas I find mixpanel is more useful as you can see what people are doing, not just tracking pageviews. Piwik may be worth a look too but I haven't installed it in about 8 yrs?

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

Where do you host all your stuff?

For tests and short term stuff I generally throw up a 5-10$ droplet on DO. But for anything mid to long term I like to get a dedicated at OVH, or the French section of as the server specs are so far above anything VPS for the same money

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

What’s a good name for BetaList Jobs spin-off? #betalistjobs ? :P

More seriously, unless you're looking to brand the site completely differently I like the way 'beta' can also be read as 'better' - so betawork, betajobs, betalife.. all taken but 2 are pretty much undeveloped. Might be worth a quick email offer of $250 or so and see if it goes anywhere?

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Should there be a paid option to β€˜fix’ a broken streak? #wip

I like the idea of shields, but how about a way to earn back your streak? Eg skip a day, you need to clear x tasks on your day back to catch up. Miss two, you need to do 2x tasks. Potentially this could be based on your normal velocity so if you already do 5 tasks a day you might need ten to catch up.. could be a good monday motivator!

Joel Baudin

For all you shippers that are parents: how do you structure your days?

First of all congrats - you're in a pretty unique position to see more of your kids than many working families

I have 3 kids from 1-6 yrs old so have seen a different impact at different stages. There definitely has been a psychological trigger that has increased my motivation and made me focus more on goals - eg do I focus on something boring yet sustainable long term, or play with this short-term thing that's fun? Likewise, I'm more conscious of the time I waste at the screen - I don't mind working long hours but I hate days where I did nothing yet stayed plugged in rather than leaving my desk and spending time with the family.

With smaller children, I think you really need to fit your days around them, particularly if you work at home. It's important to speak openly with your partner about what times to work and what times to play to ensure you are supporting them enough and not disappearing into code for days on end, but also to ensure that you do get some time for solid focus. If you can't have a room where you can shut the door its worth looking for some desk space somewhere nearby where you can go to get in the zone.

If you've had a bad night, don't beat yourself up or demand too much of yourself - far better to pick something small and easy to work on so you get a sense of achievement, or just have a personal/family day and take a walk then rest up to get more done the next day.
I also let my health go a bit with the first two kids - you end up feeling both family and your work need a lot of time so neglect both your physical and mental health, so make sure you both get time to exercise and to see friends.

As children get older and first nursery then school routines become part of your life things change again. I find the morning school run to be less of a chore than I thought as I now see it as a way to ensure I go outside, get some fresh air and exercise each day. The regular morning starts seem to help everyone in the house sleep better and insomnia is less of an issue too, as everyone is basically tired all the time! :)
I generally now try and work from when I've dropped them at school to some time between 4 and 6 depending on what's happening at work and home (sickness, tiredness etc).
I also try my best to switch off when I'm done for the day and not check my phone/stats/laptop etc, but that's not always as successful as I'd like. I aim to only work in the evenings after their bedtimes if there's something really important - after all, the time you and your partner get alone is very precious and important to your wellbeing too so make the most of it!

Javi RamΓ­rez

What's with the new TLDs?

@jakobsch A year or two back I did some research using Semrush and found plenty of exact match .infos still ranking in the US and elsewhere. There are some quirks too - like I think I recall .biz is particularly popular in Germany?

Personally I have a .me, a .click, a .today, and a .company all ranking top 10 for various competitive commercial terms (eg 5-10k searches/mo, >$3 CPC)

That said for a serious app type project I would aim for a .com or perhaps .org if it was non profit.

For quick tests and projects where I don't know if I still will be focusing on it next year I'll buy any old $0.88 domain from Namecheap that roughly fits my site, with a view to upgrading later if it works out, or just dropping it if it fails.

Always good to be aware too that aside from the hacking angle even some of the TLDs favoured by makers are pretty poorly run:

Pete "jajaja" Codes

would you place affiliate ads on an MVP?

Its probably a really good fit then, especially long term, but I still aim to under monetise my sites until they get some traction. At MVP your traffic, and so affiliate conversions/revenue will be really low. What if you miss out on early press exposure, links or signups due to looking 'too commercial' - for the sake of $20 in commissions?

Richard Blechinger

How do you de-stress when everything is wild and you have to juggle all the responsibilities?

All great answers - I'd just add to remember that often the pressure to get everything done at once comes from yourself not outside. Things can be prioritised, deferred or outsourced. Short term definitely take a break and clear your head, longer term perhaps think about what you could automate, pass to someone else to do - or just stop doing altogether

Pete "jajaja" Codes

would you place affiliate ads on an MVP?

As an affiliate I'd say no, it will distract from your product's goals and reduce the focus on conversions. However if you are building a mailing list of people interested in your product(s) there's no reason you couldn't send the occasional related affiliate link to prospects who didn't convert