Fix usability issue in Wordpress plugin so site ID is definitely saved by new users #ctr
improve overall design of WP settings pages #ctr
add active test and previous stats to 'page' view #ctr
disable link to create test for page where page is currently in an active test #ctr
case study content for promotion #ctr
Case studies and landing pages #ctr
launch publically #ctr
offer option to delete site + data or auth account + all sites and data #ctr
get plugins into wp / drupal / etc plugin repositories #ctr
Add line chart to show progress of test vs control/previous period #ctr
Build Google snippet testing tools as lead gen device to get something shipped before beta #ctr
Connect to GWT + analytics apis #ctr
consult a real statistician to check maths! :) #ctr
see if appending a random string to test url speeds up ajax indexing #ctr
allow for cases where data we have < test length (either take last x days or an average of the test days? #ctr
allow fixed test lengths (what happens when a test finishes? revert titles?) #ctr
clone test button #ctr
Allow JSON imports #write
Check custom joins etc work properly #write
See if UX of custom views can be improved #write
Export functions - button or add page view? #write
Export/Post to Wordpress feature #write
Build 2-3 demo sites #write
Build landing page with live content generation #write
Write case studies #write
Create a video or 3 #write
Build lead magnet #write
Create follow up / course in Convertfox #write
Build FB retargeting campaigns #write
Content marketing - guiders, tutorials etc #write
Build links and rank for stuff #write
having 'preview' button on articles is confusing users #pbn
fix css on user settings / registrar api key page #pbn
#pbn move semrush kw db off add domain page, it confuses people
redirect from user page to subscription details page where not admin #pbn
in bulk article import, the category field should either check for spintax errors or have no limits since it can happen that one pasts too long a spintax and it imports with out the } since it gets cut off #pbn
#pbn rate all themes 1-5 and only offer those > 4 to new users unless specify they want 'diversity'
Investigate why one client's themes are not changing #pbn
add a 'don't post for x days' to submissions / time indicator for days since domain went live #pbn
add delete campaign option #pbn
campaigns show incomplete data if scan aborted by user #pbn
add indexinject posting for all new articles + domains on site #pbn
key benefits email sequence to hit any registrations or leads from drift that don't subscribe #pbn
Survey email course participants to see how it could be improved #pbn
check messaging on free trial checkout as users getting confused and adding on domains they don't use #pbn
Add testimonials to checkout page #pbn
email list about new features (Campaigns, Health Issues) and payment plans #pbn
build a re-engagement email sequence to try and bring back past customers now i look good and have less bugs #pbn
fake data in dashboard for new users #pbn
try something else for UTF8 /DOMDOCUMENT anchors problems #pbn
create dashboard for domains, campaigns and issues #pbn
collect whois details for customer domains using #pbn
improve interface for editing anchor texts #pbn
remove empty Li from vertical tabs when advanced options hidden #pbn
custom breadcrumbs once we've sorted the hierarchy #pbn
Investigate chatbot for support purposes #pbn
Hide html options for blog and vice versa #pbn
fix titles on anchor reports #pbn
fix graphs on campaign dashboard #pbn
add modal emphasizing wp site deletion on 'site type' change #pbn
fix batch progress bars - they're invisible on new design
update cloudfront to allow post and cookies
FX: Create graph + ticker widgets for coin pages #aff
FX: Outreach and promotion for widgets #aff