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Blog Post on my super cheap Heroku + CloudFront setup
Bootstrap Configurator - Allow export of _custom_variables.scss
Bootstrap Configurator - Figure out what to let people just run yarn add bootstrap [some-url]
Get an Alan Partridge style jumper and shoes.
Post: How to run ActiveAdmin in its own Dyno.
Build summer guests calander
Move code samples onto my own repo
Make it prettier on smaller screens #contracting
Talk: Figure out a topic I want to talk about
Post: Release tasks on Heroku
Figure out what's up with external API (is the client crazy?!) #contracting
Make those never ending modals, less never ending #contracting
Excerise #HealthyLiving
Chase unpaid invoices #contracting
Update all copy #contracting
Send over "Tell me your setup isn't crazy" questions to next contract #contracting
Reschedule the suit guy #LookingGood
Watch Silicon Valley #downtime