watch Flexbox CSS In 20 Minutes by Traversy Media #devlearning
read "Want to learn CSS Grid? Here’s my free full-length course. Merry Christmas! 14 interactive screencasts to take you from beginner to advanced." #devlearning
dev - refactor backup listing to include new data returned in JSON from Provisioning Servers #abcgamers
fix showing non-styled elements on web refresh (vuetify / webpack) #abcgamers
dev - refactor prov server api calls to include changed error status codes >_< #abcgamers
investigate styling refreshing issue 1/? #abcgamers
dev - implement 'restart' functionality for game servers #abcgamers
dev - logic for new game and query ports selection for game servers #abcgamers
dev -> list backups for game server #abcgamers
make backup working in user dashbaord so the game servers are backed up #abcgamers
make server backups component in user dashboard #abcgamers