This is Peter's 2019 in review. Maker edition.

In 2019, Peter added 211 todos and completed 211 todos. That means a completion rate of 100%. That's great!

Peter completed an average of 18 todos per month. The most active month was January with 68 todos. The most productive day was Thursday and Peter was the least productive on Sundays. But hey, we all gotta relax sometimes, right?

Peter's longest shipping streak was 69 days in a row! 🔥

The following products got added: AnyHow, Netlandish, and

Peter spent most time working on AnyHow with 91 completed todos, which is 43% of all their todos in 2019.

Peter also worked on Netlandish,, Open Source Work,, and HYFM.

That wraps up 2019!

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