زندگی میچرخد عین یک تاس امروز حکم میکنی فردا التماس
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did a lot of devops today :)
What a day! Lots of good things programming today :) AWESOM
I made a schedule to organize and value my time spent. I start with 40 points. Warm food costs 4, a free evening costs 4 and every day costs 4 to begin with. Every hour coding earns 1 point, reaching my daily goal 2 points, reaching my weekly goal 20 points, reaching my monthly goal 60 points. I can't go under zero. #gamification
OK i'm back! Today, my goals is to code 8 hours and 20 minutes. It's a preparation for next month, in August I want to reach 200 hours in WakaTime. That would be a record (Currently my record is about 160 hours in a month). Let's do it!
WOAH!! My app is live! :D Dunbar.site #Dunbar
Built an awesome landing page for https://leckr.io ✅ much more targeted towards the audience ✅ less about kiting, more professional ✅ perfect for email signup conversion for getting leads professionally ✅ articulating what I do and my mission quite clearly. ⛔️ Other pages aren't ready yet... but this is a GREAT IMPROVEMENT. Very happy. 🎉🎉🎉
Added email signup at the bottom of a blog (https://blog.karsens.com) that probably converts a lot better! :-)
Got some sick growth on my blog today! (blog.karsens.com) #karsens