WOAH!! My app is live! :D Dunbar.site #Dunbar
Built an awesome landing page for https://leckr.io ✅ much more targeted towards the audience ✅ less about kiting, more professional ✅ perfect for email signup conversion for getting leads professionally ✅ articulating what I do and my mission quite clearly. ⛔️ Other pages aren't ready yet... but this is a GREAT IMPROVEMENT. Very happy. 🎉🎉🎉
Added email signup at the bottom of a blog (https://blog.karsens.com) that probably converts a lot better! :-)
Got some sick growth on my blog today! (blog.karsens.com) #karsens
Acht uurtjes per dag. Lekker dingen bouwen toch. Het gaat best wel snel. #haiku #leckr #dunbar #karsens
create initial site for #leckr leckr.io