Nick Nish

Hi, Eric! Did you use a service to generate your "maker link" on

Hey! Thanks, I should be doing a soft launch of MN soon to WIP with a bunch of free lifetime codes for WIP members to access all that I'm planning on including. The "maker link" is actually thanks to Pieter Levels. I can't seem to find the original link that he posted a while back so you can just grab it from here ➑️

Awesome man! Can't wait to see it come along.

Thanks for sharing the Maker Link code! I feel like it's a great way to build a brand around your side projects.

Wilbert Liu

Which one do you prefer, WordPress or Ghost for blogging and why?

Go with Ghost. You can now set it up on a $5/month DO droplet and then throw cloudflare in front of it. If you do it that way, I would say don't set it up with the one-click option and just follow the Ghost docs . I had a couple issues before with the one-click and ended up following their setup guides and it went nice and quick and works really well.

Hi Eric, thanks for putting your thoughts here! πŸ™‚

May I know the reason behind the usage of Cloudflare in front of Ghost?
Like what we're trying to do here. Also, if the chosen one is not Ghost, should we still use Cloudflare?

It's a free and really good CDN to help with caching. Forgot to mention that Ghost also has a great native app that makes it really nice to manage your ghost blog. It's a really well done platform and something that you can enjoy using once setup and you know your way around it.

Good points Eric! Thanks a lot, will dig deeper into it. πŸ™πŸ»

Lenilson Dos Santos πŸš€

What's the best book about focus, concentration and flow that you can recommend?

Deep Work by Cal Newport ➑️

Second person to recommend me this book. Must be good.


Very very good. I actually need to get on reading it again soon, or at least reviewing my notes on it.

Alright fine, I'll buy it and read it.

haha. You should. It helped a ton after I read it and implemented some principles from it. I need a refresher though

A good companion to the book above, The Five Elements of Effective Thinking:

Big ups for this one. It covers so much in practice and theory. Very re-readable, as others have said.

Adil Alimbetov

how do you manage your tasks? Stickers, trello or something. If trello, how do you arrange columns?

Trello & PostIt Notes -> Trello is where I get an overall view and organize everything. I then take the main task for the day and make postit notes to then keep me focused on one task at a time and only have one view of it. For my Trello To-Do board, it's arranged from left to right like this: Building > Done > Doing Now > To Do Today > To Do Tomorrow > To Do This Week > To Do Next Week > To Do This Month > To Do This Year

Quentin D

Which video hosting would you choose to bootstrap a MOOC website: Vimeo Pro/Wistia or a CDN like Fastly?

If you listen to with Wes Bos there's an episode (I don't remember which) where they go over what they use for video hosting and why they chose it. Probably be a good listen and it's a great podcast anyways.

Yeah thanks! I love Wes Bos! If I remember well he's using Vimeo as well.

Quentin D

Which video hosting would you choose to bootstrap a MOOC website: Vimeo Pro/Wistia or a CDN like Fastly?

From what I've heard, Vimeo Pro might be the better option as far as pricing goes, and I know the player allows for viewing speed adjustment.

Vimeo pro is a great starting point, you can even promote your work using the β€˜series/film’ category so maybe you can sell your mooc courses as well in Vimeo or build a community. Everything is valid when you’re bootstrapping a product.

I remember that YouTube have an option to sell video content on their platform too and is not a terrible idea to grow a community on YouTube with free mooc courses. After all is free ;)

Eric Lima

Have you used Webflow, and if so, what do you think about it and what have you used it for?

^ I think you're thinking of Workflowy. I mean and their site builder with the ability to export code and tweak from there.

Alejandro ✨

What's your choice for cloud storage? (I got a mbpro with 128gb SSD but don't like external drive)

I like to be redundant with backing things up so I use quite a few different options. ArqBackup is really good and easy for connecting to whatever cloud backup you choose (Highly recommend using this). I also like using BackBlaze with their full Mac auto Backup option along with setting up different buckets for certain things that aren't covered by their full auto backup and anything else that pops up. Beyond that you could also do AWS S3 and or something like Google Glacier depending on what exactly you're looking for. If you're looking for something minimal and physical (and if you can work with a non USB Type-C) you could do something like the SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, which is super small and will double your local storage. You could also use a SATA to USB converter cable with a normal SSD if that interested you.

Richard Blechinger

What is your favorite domain registrar and why would you recommend them?

Used to be Hover, but now I'd have to recommend Namecheap. Pricing is better and they have a mobile app that's improved significantly since I began using it. They also are now carrying .ai domains if anyone's been looking for one of those.

Amrith Shanbhag

Anyone launching anything anytime by the end of this year?

*Edited: Went out with GF = delay on one launch πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ, but will be able to get out at beginning of week. Trying to ship simple side project/idea in a couple of hours today (12/31) πŸ™πŸΌ.

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Should pending todo's be sortable? #wip

I've been transferring most of my todos from Trello on over or just simply entering them as /done. I'll be more regularly doing the Trello to WIP transfers, but the ability to sort would be a nice feature. With or without though, it's still nice having the ability right now to add them as it is.