Find a database for list of countries with visa policies + images
Learn how to mass import objects in a django model
learn how image field file structures work in Django
Run that function over the entire bigassarray
Write a function for calculating the result needed for just one event
nitialise empty arrays for each of the 4 questions
Finish al pending task template for 1st question of the actionable insight section
Get all events of past 1 month in a big ass array with all details
fix the eventTimeDuration function - how to retrun arguments?
Pull total time spent in meetings in past 30 days
learn how sqlite works and decide to pull live data on every load or store in DB?
- Make list of all API references required on .list function
test the finished app on diff calendar IDs
make diff of dates visible for past 30 days
change date formats to .toISOString()
Pull all events of last 30 days from my calendar