wrote and sent lesson 8 of the Story Creation Masterclass on the benefit of having a unique selling proposition (USP) when creating a product's story #freewritecamp
Continuing my approach of designing my year (to be/feel in control of it) I added the design for 2017 #naii
walked 5km πŸƒ - time: 41,5 min - average speed: 7,23 km/h - remarks: but I ran around 200 meters to test my knees which went with no pain #health
for #studiolist tried out #sheet2site by @AndreyAzimov and added the first 5 recording studios to the Google Spreadsheet - tedious work but good to know what time it would take to list all (!) recording studios worldwide - well at least the very best(-rated)!
walked 5km πŸƒ - time: 42,5 min - average speed: 7,06 km/h - remarks: feeling a bit stressed because I have a social appointment of a few hours plus day 3 delivery for the studiolist project and the next lesson to deliver for freewritecamp, I hope to enjoy the social thing despite the pressure of tasks #health
updated #naii page with my sanity overview (product and book I'm working, and my ideal ~24h daily ritual)
made it clearer that Stolen Voice is a brand and service by naii.io - goal is to point as many public websites back to naii.io #stolenvoice
made it clearer that Copy Giraffe is a brand and service by naii.io - goal is to point as many public websites back to naii.io #copygiraffe
walked 5km πŸƒ - time: 42,75 min - average speed: 7,02 km/h - remarks: Super confused in my head I was before the walk; after I now have more clarity. Not having dumped my thoughts for more than 4 weeks clearly shows that stuff has aggregated in my head. Not happy about it but working on improving it. One outcome is: I hope to concentrate on building things (products, stories, books, etc.) rather than serving people through my services. #health
wrote a new contact to add to my network of writers, artists and (voice) actors #stolenvoice
published "One month ago I stopped brain-dumping in the morning, and I’m feeling horrible" on #naii and added a terminal condition for when to end my 12-projects experiments and what to do if all 12 fail
Today was the first day out of 28 days for working on #studiolist. Except for that I didn't accomplish anything. Tomorrow on day 2 I want to do better.
walked 5km πŸƒ - time: 44 min - average speed: 6,82 km/h - remarks: because I was out at 11pm I was able to see a large group of animals I wasn’t able to identity - they thought no human would be out there at that time and flew the moment they saw me πŸ˜‰ #health #nature
orga stuf: correspondence with tax man and Canon support because Lide 60 scanner is not working on os x high sierra πŸ™ #reality #life
installed Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 from a CD within 2 hours - gosh I didn't remember CD drives were that loud and that slow...
finished reading "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running" by Haruki Murakami #reality #life
walked 5km πŸƒ - time: 42 min - average speed: 7,14 km/h - remarks: what was melted got frozen again so walking was a bit like on a glacier #health