awesome day - first time that I sticked to my newly invented rhyhtm of fun, duty, fun, duty - after every fun activitiy follows a duty activity, and so. #hip
Slept all day (Sunday) from 9:00 to 22:00 - 13 hours with pee breaks ^^ #hip
stolenvoice ❤️ Copy Giraffe 🦒- exciting news: I teamed up with Copy Giraffe 🦒 to offer copywriting for profitables businesses, as a complement to my voiceover service. Copy Giraffe is a brand and service by #hip
Translation from stolenvoice tv 27 EN to DE done - 2.000 words the article, 200 words the scirpt for the actual video, 100 words the summary for the teaser on Insta #hip
Friday is vlogging day, stolenvoice tv. After a good morning walk at 5.30am, some 3 hours of pre-writing the content for today's show and my day job for some hours, I'm now translating everything I've written (around 2.000 words) into German #hip