Alexander Kluge

What travel adapters do you use?

Very nice. Thanks @pugson and @pretzelhands! I was about to ask what voltage converter you use but then I realized that it's probably only a small amount of devices that can't handle dual-voltage (100-120 volt and 220-240 volt).

Maybe interesting for others is this one from Kikkerland that I just found out about: - It's super small but versatile at the same time.

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Should there be a paid option to β€˜fix’ a broken streak? #wip

No, because that reminds me of the concept of "pay to win" (or loot-box, see: as applied in gaming which doesn't sound fair in my opinion and has been criticized in the gaming world as well.

If I could pay to "fill the gap" the streak would lose credibility imho because with every streak I see of someone else I would wonder if that person actually paid to be there - once, twice, etc.

Joel Baudin

Can you add an image when creating a todo?

So @joelbaudin, how did you do it? I just completed a task using "/done..." and uploaded an image to the @wipbot chat a few seconds after (because I heard that's how it works) but it didn't show as part of the done task...

Javi RamΓ­rez

What's with the new TLDs?

My gut feeling is: .com (or co.) / .org / .net are still going to be the go-to-TLD for a long while whereas the .live, .tv and others will establish as "satellite" TLDs to assist the main TLD for marketing purposes or particular events carrying the same brand name. We'll see...

Jurn W

What project of yours are you most proud of making and why?

@harrydry I know one "shouldn't" buy a book by the cover but your book's cover really speaks to me :)

Jurn W

What project of yours are you most proud of making and why?

I'm most proud of having made a 27-minute short film because I went through the whole process of film-making: from writing the screenplay to casting, filming & directing, post-production, premiering the film to a selected amount of people in a cinema and then making it available for free for everyone to watch online on YouTube ( and Vimeo (

Amrith Shanbhag

is the iPhone X worth it?

Worth what exactly? What do you think the X could do better / smarter / faster / "cooler" than your "very old 6S+"? If you're unsure rationalize it. Take 5 minutes and write a Pro and Contra list. If you find more pro points, buy it. If not, you're good with your 6+ ;)

PS: I'm saying that from a perspective of owning an iPhone 5 and I stood in front of the X. I tried it out and found out that it doesn't excite me much when holding it in my hand. So, my decision against it was pure gut and intuition - contrary to what I suggested to you ^^. Yes, the 5 is pretty slow (and probably the 6 as well by now) but it works for what I'm doing (camera, browsing, some apps)

Alexander Kluge

Are you on level 1 (making a product), level 2 (level 1 + that solves a problem) or level 3 (level 2 + that people pay for)?

Level 1 for the project #weekdaykickoff which I started to solve a pain/problem I personally have - though I've received feedback that such a product would be relevant to others as well. However, my main attention (in terms of income) is on client work (#copygiraffe #stolenvoice) which is why I'm taking the slow and steady road towards a level 2.

Jens Neuhaus

Where do you all keep your notes, project concepts, screenshots or other digital assets?

A mixture of paper, macOS Notes app, Evernote, and OmmWriter+Scrivener synced through Sync (privacy-aware Dropbox alternative) in case I do morning writing sessions (brain dump).