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Copywriting Examples
Where the voiceover world learns to write persuasive texts
Central hub where I reveal the magic behind the curtain 🙌
Things that are not work. 👩‍🎤
Best Recording Studios for Digital Voiceover Nomads ✍️🎸🎭👨‍🎨
Writer, Musician, Actor, Artist
OMG, ay hav a laif 🤗 ⏸️
2017 has been unsocial, 2018 is time for social escapisms.
Email Copy for Indie Makers ⏸
Helping indie makers & very small companies with email copy 🏕 ⏸
Uncover your core and your product’s story.
Island Builder's Handbook
Human in Progress - documenting my progress as a person
Voiceover’s Dream ⏸️
Full-screen demo-reel audio player for voiceover artists
stolenvoice 🤝⏸
German Male Voiceover🇪🇺🇩🇪🇺🇸, commercial & character voices
Walk ~2/5km a day 🤸 ⏸️
~2/5km a day & sports to cure my knees and rehab my health.
Soy Cubano ⏸️
Survival adventure story IRL with 150 USD for 3 weeks
49 Days of Making a Pop Song ⏸
To be featured in blogs and in HypeMachine's newsletter