provide NSAV (No-Strings-Attached Value) for a branding agency in Berlin #copywritingdelivery
provide NSAV (No-Strings-Attached Value) to an ecommerce company offering tailor-made furniture using modern automation technique: I pimped their newsletter subscription page #copywritingdelivery
take a second and pat on my shoulder for the work I’ve done in the past days - *crazy* (proud of the result) - EN: + DE: #copywritingdelivery
make all pages (index, blog, all German sites) mobile-friendly #copywritingdelivery
finish German translation of new index page #copywritingdelivery
Merged my Work With Me page and my About page and my Index page into one single page. The result is online: #copywritingdelivery - German translation tomorrow
I made a mistake and I apologized, and as a result worked on a new index page for #copywritingdelivery