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focus my sales email writing service on voiceover artists for now #copywritingdelivery
CSS beautifying (which of course takes ages) #copywritingdelivery
rename to #copywritingdelivery - it’s not exactly a rename but has become my go-to URL if people want to subscribe to my newsletter „Write sales emails without feeling sleazy”
do again basics course of music theory (Andrew Huang) after MIT done #iian
continue GC University after MIT done #copywritingdelivery
new plain-text design - clear, clean, professional 😁 #copywritingdelivery
designed new in Sketch - happy about the result (8hrs of straight work, no food intake) #copywritingdelivery
another random 20km and reading HOOKED (book) as part of my artist date #iian
work on biz (CRM stuff, checking out Podia) #naii