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basically worked all day on my presentation for World Usability Day 2019 - slides will be available at #naii
6-weekly check-in and review call with client #naii #copywritingdelivery
downgrade Calendly to Basic (from Premium) to reduce the amount of event types to 1 and to save those 10 dollars per month #naii #copywritingdelivery
make a plan about my weekly commitments (Mon-Fri) - result: I’m committing to 48 hours on a weekly basis - 12h for a client of #copywritingdelivery, 12h for building #naii assets, 12h for my theater group and music #iian, and 12h for #studiolist. Sat-Sun are off (free from obligations)
feel overwhelmed, frustrated, go back and forth in my head, overthink, but then get my act together and continue building #studiolist
commit to build #studiolist by hand - no framework like Fat Free, no - way too expensive - SaaS service like Sharetribe (120 dollars if you want a custom domain *the fuck*)