got an overview of the postproduction process (bit of a repition like - EQ - Compression - Normalisation - De-Essing - Limiting - Insert Effects - Send & Return Effects but that's ok); started the advanced voiceover course to get from my intermediate level to a pro level which included today: to warm up nicely and full-body, going to extremes (ultra low pitch, ultra high pitch, mixture of both and going over the top with a caricature performance) - my voice felt like the strings of a guitar today when I practiced #stolenvoice
preproduced first 7 episodes of a daily 10-seconds video story with intential audio gaps every other day so the reader creates an alternate version of the narrative, and published first video #10seconds
walked 5km ๐Ÿƒ - time: 41 min - average speed: 7,32 km/h - remarks: walked with 30 minutes of home-bike training in my legs (I started today because my legs started to get weak again), apart from that I thought about a daily 10-seconds show on youtube that uses gaps to tell the story - the gaps also create rhythms (a storytelling / narrative and voiceover experiment) in the realm of stolenvoice #health
added 10 more recording studios in Berlin and called some to see whether theyโ€™re still offering their service #studiolist
learned (as an overview) how to use Reaper and Pro Tools as voiceover artist. Also learned: how to interpret briefs and casting instructions, editing my submission to a casting, how to get on casting lists, doing alternate takes, what it means to go over the top (OTT), the different types of agents and what rates/fee should be charged #stolenvoice
all 3 other domains now armed with https #naii
walked 5km ๐Ÿƒ - time: 41 min - average speed: 7,32 km/h - remarks: sunny, partly blue sky, in winter dress it felt warm and sweaty. Overall a nice and relaxed mood at noon time here. Thoughts were about acting, meaning: When youโ€™re acting, youโ€™re not all of a sudden becoming that character. The camera or microphone only happens to be there when you perform those particular lines and scenes. The story of the character began before the recording and will continue when the recording has finished. That makes acting so challenging when learning but rewarding when โ€žmasteringโ€œ. #health
finally sent lesson 12 (this season's last one) on communication and listening - took incredible 12.5 hours from zero to sent *puh* #freewritecamp
walked 5km ๐Ÿƒ - time: 41,75 min - average speed: 7,19 km/h - remarks: except for a 5-head pig family that fled from me nothing to report - funny was that when I stopped to hear them flee up into the hill I saw the branches cracking and heart a single grunt from the mother or father pig ๐Ÿ˜‰ #health
wrote the draft of lesson 12 for story creation masterclass - wanted to get done with it today but didn't work so will send tomorrow #freewritecamp
walked 5km ๐Ÿƒ - time: 41,25 min - average speed: 7,27 km/h - remarks: again slower today but stomach was relatively full; apart from that I thought about making a video that explains the pros and cons of WhatsApp compared to Telegram with the intention to explain friends and some business contacts that Telegram is the better choice ๐Ÿ˜‰ #health
(was Friday, Feb 16) finished course "How to voice commercial", read the article related to that, continued the drip on setting up a home-recording studio and watched the webinar on "How to Record Yourself as a Voice Artist" #stolenvoice
walked 5km (but it was Friday, Feb 16) ๐Ÿƒ - time: 40,75 min - average speed: 7,36 km/h - remarks: Clearly slower than yesterday but still faster than usual - no big thoughts only the idea that my artistโ€™s name I want keep (so iian will survive) #health