another revision of the studiolist script recording for my commercial demo reel #stolenvoice
workout through 20-minute trampoline-jumping #health
meditated for 3 minutes #health
practiced gratitude #health
barefoot walked 1.8km πŸƒ - time: 21 min - average speed: 5,14 km/h - remarks: Cloudy and fresh but not cold this morning #health
watched explainer on how to use Adobe Audition as a voiceover #stolenvoice
fantastic call with my oldest friend - although it's his birthday I'm feeling so grateful that he spent 2.5 hours catching up #social
visited mum #health
meditated for 3 minutes #health
45-minute workout: trampoline and home bike #health
barefoot walked 1.8km πŸƒ - time: 20 min - average speed: 5,40 km/h - remarks: Finally it rained outside, it was about time. The barefoot walk after was great because it was the slightly wet soil but still warm which is a comfortable and relaxing mixture. Humidity is high now accordingly. #health
hosted the Turkish/Kurdish β€žBatman and Robinβ€œ via Couchsurfing πŸ˜‰ #social
practiced gratitude filling my two five-minute journals #health