Torus Andrey

Do you have something that you hate on some web services, apps, etc?

This isn't about all web services/apps but if you are making an app that people will use 24x7 (figuratively), I prefer native in that case. An example of this would be Notion, a note-taking app. I tend to keep the note-taking app open at all times so having a webview running for it takes a toll on laptop's battery and performance which I don't like.

L ....

What do you makers thinks about this initiative?

Is it there to stay? What happens in the case bitcoin bubble bursts and crypto market cap is reduced to a fraction? I have been looking into this recently but I haven't read how is Blockchain related with Blockstack. It would help if you can clarify.

Blockstack is working on building the platform on top of blockchain tech (wallets, private key management, encrypted data storage, auth etc). It has nothing to do with the price or adoption of cryptocurrencies. Users may or may not choose to adopt the cryptocurrencies but the ideas behind them are here to stay because they are better (more secure, less prone to corruption) than their centralised counterparts. Learn more about blockstack here
P.S. I am looking for teammates for this challenge as well, if you have any cool idea hmu πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

What do you mean by the 'challenge'? Is there some contest going on?

@aviaryan blockstack use blockchains so subtly that user barely notice it and we can use any existing javascript frameworks to integrate their authentication api in order to participate in APP Mining. They are paying out a total of 100k$ per month for top applications in the ecosystem. :)

@aviaryan in the end we should just stop looking at prices in this space for it's a giant distraction that is full of sound and fury that does not signify anything. Let's focus on what we do best which is basically #building for all user

Avi Aryan

Anyone has managed to learn any language using a language learning app? Please share your experience (which app, language etc)

Cloze Master looks cool, learning in context can help though I think every app does this to some extent. I have currently started with Duolingo, will use it for a few days before trying something new.

Avi Aryan

Any way to forward SMS while visiting another country (where SIM won't work)?

The provider does have International Roaming but it is quite costly and TBH I don't know how reliable it is. But I should try asking them. Also, eSIMs aren't available in India yet. :( Thanks for your input, Marc.