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What do you makers thinks about this initiative?

Is it there to stay? What happens in the case bitcoin bubble bursts and crypto market cap is reduced to a fraction? I have been looking into this recently but I haven't read how is Blockchain related with Blockstack. It would help if you can clarify.

Blockstack is working on building the platform on top of blockchain tech (wallets, private key management, encrypted data storage, auth etc). It has nothing to do with the price or adoption of cryptocurrencies. Users may or may not choose to adopt the cryptocurrencies but the ideas behind them are here to stay because they are better (more secure, less prone to corruption) than their centralised counterparts. Learn more about blockstack here https://blockstack.org/about/
P.S. I am looking for teammates for this challenge as well, if you have any cool idea hmu πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

What do you mean by the 'challenge'? Is there some contest going on?

@aviaryan blockstack use blockchains so subtly that user barely notice it and we can use any existing javascript frameworks to integrate their authentication api in order to participate in APP Mining. They are paying out a total of 100k$ per month for top applications in the ecosystem. :)

@aviaryan in the end we should just stop looking at prices in this space for it's a giant distraction that is full of sound and fury that does not signify anything. Let's focus on what we do best which is basically #building for all user


how did you get followers on twitter? articles? bots? or maybe something another?

Quality of followers is more important than quantity. And you get quality followers by being legit and talking about things you are good/passionate about. I have seen many accounts with 2000 followings, 3000 followers and tweets getting 0-2 likes on average. You don't want to be that.


Do you still use & maintain Facebook Account/Profile?

No. But it hasn't been deleted yet because then everyone will start thinking I am weird.

And that is a problem?
You can give a signal with deleting it to the rest of the people around you. The signal that you are fully aware about the world and keep the power to yourself.

Harry Dry

why is my site slow? bundle size is small

I am no expert but maybe it has to do with all those images. For me, the "wait" phase was 7 seconds and it was due to those images if I read correctly from the graph below.

Brahma Reddy Chilakala

What is the best UI framework for ReactJS applications?

I have used Bulma and UIKit. Bulma is a light CSS based framework that can be easily customized. UIKit is full-blown with tons of JS features but I find it hard to customize.

Swizec Teller

How much would you pay a remote part-time coding intern?

You can outsource it from low cost countries like India (where $25 is like too much IMO). I know some students who are excellent devs and who would like to earn some quick bucks. Ping me if you are interested.

Arjun Rajkumar

Alternatives to Google Maps to use in web based apps?

Many folks including Nomad List are using Mapbox for powering their maps. https://www.mapbox.com/

Mapbox looks really good.. But I need this mainly to replace the Google Maps Geocoding API - and I couldnt get street level lat+long details via Mapbox. Maybe I was doing something wrong.. Have sent them an email. Lets see. GmAps is crazy expensive!

Miguel Piedrafita

Is there a WIP Alfred workflow to add new todos?

+1 for this idea. We can even have a feature to list/filter through todos and complete them.

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Let’s roast #WIP. Tell me everything that’s wrong with it and why it will fail.

The telegram bot for WIP lacks a lot of obvious features like listing down tasks, deleting (and maybe editing) tasks, filtering tasks by #product etc. I use the telegram android app a lot for managing my tasks when on the go and the limited options in the bot pains me. I often have to use a mental reminder to make that todo change when I get back to my computer.


How do I cancel my WIP account?

Agreed. The chrome extension by @jerrebm is an amazing add-on for WIP. Highly recommend (it's free)!

Ben Borgers

Do you prefer to read ebooks digitally or on paper?

Kindle Paperwhite ftw.
Pros over physical books - read in low light, bookmarks, highlighting (notes), consistent font so you don't have to adjust yourself to every book, synced progress everywhere, Goodreads integration

Bharathi P

Feedback on the product tag line/description. - https://remoteleaf.com.

I don't think there is a phrase such as "hand-curated". It is either "hand-picked" or "curated", both almost mean the same thing.
So IMO, the first line for me would look like -

> Hand-picked remote jobs delivered right to your inbox

Ashish Kumar (Ashfame) 🐲

Do you launch on all platforms in one go? Or one by one?

It depends. If I am skeptic about the product/idea/implementation, I tend to launch it on one platform first, just to check what the general public feedback about it, is.
When that is done, I launch it on other platforms simultaneously.
This is sort of a safe approach, it saves you from a complete launch fail, but also, on the other hand, prevents your product from reaching its full virality potential.
I did it with #vscodenotebook, I was unsure about it so I only launched it only on Reddit. It went quite well and I lost the chance of going more viral than it actually went. πŸ˜‚

Melissa Marijnen

What does your morning (or wake-up) routine look like?

  • wake up around 6am
  • eat some dry fruits
  • drink 30g protein
  • brush teeth/washroom
  • meditation for 15 mins
  • gym
  • shower
  • breakfast
  • work
Avi Aryan

Share one really good habit of yours

Here's mine. I always read a book on my Kindle before going to bed.
This accomplishes three things -

  1. I get to sleep faster since my eyes are strained.
  2. I keep learning something new, every day.
  3. My day always ends on a positive note, no matter how it has been.

in your opinion what is the best cloud based comment system?

Google Plus. It's simpler to use than Disqus and it's backed by Google. Who knows, it might also give you some SEO advantage. I haven't personally used gPlus on any of my websites yet but I have been considering this for a long time, just too lazy to get it done. https://floaternet.com/gcomments