Avi Aryan
Freelance Software Engineer, India + Remote
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Avi Life
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Freelance - Avi
Avi's freelance work at Toptal
Udacity Mentorship Work
Helping people helps
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Ships related to conference talks I give
Your own note taking app
Avi's Biz Attempts
Money making products get their own hashtag
Online music streaming
Powerful Clipboard Manager for Windows
Typ3r l1k3 th1s
Blockchain Based Social Media
Dev Letters
My mailing list cum blog
Student Makers Club
Helping students build practical skills
Awesome No Login Web Apps
Awesome (free) web apps that work without login
VSCode Notebook
Use VS Code as a note-taking application
We make modern apps
Your Word
Ethereum based DApp that helps you keep your promises
WIP Mobile
WIP.chat react native app for Android and iOS
Chat without leaving your terminal
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Everything Avi has built so far
Sublime Notebook
Use Sublime Text as a notebook
Avi's Medium Blog
Avi's Medium Blog
Google Search unofficial API for Python