Stripe integration...with much paranoia and tests because money ;) #importstudio
landing page stuff...dunno why landing pages are so hard for me to be happy with #importstudio
more pomodoro rpg...such a fun waste of time. Pretty sure I'll app-ify it and release it just for fun
Data mapper overhaul...again #importstudio
added some idlerpg-esque things to my pomodoro rpg procrastination is best procrastination
wrote a little pomodoro rpg where you level up by pomo-ing. Might be a fun thing to polish and make public, but for now is just to try to game myself into being more productive.
get some infrastructure alerts set up so I know when things explode/crawl #importstudio
concurrency control admin page #importstudio
document all the code I've written, as well as integration building guidelines #importstudio
Added user defined templates/custom integrations #importstudio
Fun w/ Google Sheets and Zoho Sheet. " not just for CSV's anymore" #importstudio
A bunch of small updates thanks to suggestions from Rabble's awesome beta users #rabble