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Sorry, I don't know, but maybe you tweet aj (Twitter handle is "ajlkn") about this, he usually answers fast.

Thanks brother!

Maybe you want to check out Up Ninja (, it's built by someone from WIP (@obenisik). I don't have used it, so I can't tell you if it fits your usecase, but you can check the response body, also if it is JSON (

Cool, thanks!

Congratulations on your product and launch.

Landing page:

  • Also recommend more spacing like @denemio between navigation and hero line and maybe also before the CTA buttons
  • CSS looks good in FF, except between 770 and 990 pixel screen width (hero line moves up out of the fold and the logo is overlaps)
  • What are the animal icons in the first screenshot for? Icons for different services?
  • Clear information about the product and what it does above the fold, I like the small info icons for context
  • Design looks greate and app looks like a lot of work

Product Hunt:

  • Why are cats in the images?