Blame Lewis
Software engineer, musician, game developer, writer, hardware tinkerer. Slightly mad. Builds lots. Asterisk (*) = complete. Caret (^) = proof of concept.
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  • 📅 Oct '19
Write out todo lists to get to MVP/PoC for most projects that aren't there already
Accidentally buy a pre-workout bar instead of a protein bar and spend several hours incapacitated by the excessive caffeine
Write a bunch of todos for various projects
Decide that the name is actually appropriate given that every weapon is instagib #voxdei
Get opinions from friends on final draft #insane
Find out if you can do FBOs in WebGL (yes you can) #sandgame
oh god why am I writing this, this is horrible #warpaint
Ping said relative electrician #daylight
This is depressing and I wrote a bit #warpaint
Discover that there's an electrician in the family #daylight
Write a bit more on behavioural orientation #shadow
Create some more concept pages, do some slight editing #shadow
Write a half-draft of conversing with the problem, not the people #spaceship
Whip up a crappy 2d vector library #arrow
Write half a page on responsibility and self-sufficiency #shadow
Write a third of a page on markets and gatekeepers #shadow
Write half a page on behavioural atunement #shadow