Add link to Tip Jar in notifications. #denied
Design UI for web version of #denied.
Determine when to accept that Tip Jars don't work. 😅
Consider building apps with the purpose of selling them to other makers (before launch?).
Write about removing Google Analytics from all my sites.
Design main status bar window. #netlistat
Determine which features to lock behind IAP. #netlistat
Store a list of streams to watch. #dekijkersthuis
Post a Telegram message when a stream goes live. #dekijkersthuis
Connect to the #dekijkersthuis Telegram bot.
Investigate whether to use Discord instead of/with Telegram. #dekijkersthuis
Show (optional) notification when #relax mutes the internal speakers.
Allow custom JS to run in Chrome when disconnecting headphones. #relax
Feature Tip Jar more prominently. #relax
Add option to schedule when #relax is enabled.