IMO most mobile and web apps should have it. And for the ones that don't, I use the browser extension Dark Reader which does a pretty good job on turning everything dark theme:

  • TypeScript
  • React Native (iOS, Android)
  • react-native-web (Web, using the same code from iOS and Android)
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB or Postgres
  • Heroku or Now or Google or AWS or Firebase

Do you have more details of how to imagine that? How would the interactions be, the work itself, people faces, etc

Product Hunt has a huge community of makers already in place, while WIP is building it from the ground up. This is a huge competitive advantage for them. WIP can innovate, PH could simply copy everything wip did well and most people wouldn't even know.

Yeah good point. They are working on something very similar.

I think one thing that would hold them back on just cloning WIP straight out is that it would reflect very poorly on them in the maker community to clone an independent, bootstrapped product.

I'll guess we'll see what happens :)