Bruno Lemos
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  • 📅 Feb '18
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Investigating theme layout issue, seems to be a react-spring bug, color is turning into rgba(NaN, NaN, NaN, 1) #devhub
Experimenting with new card layout that allows you to select each item individually to take actions on them #devhub
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 13.54.29.png
More single-column view progress #devhub
Show GitHub App install button on more places to increase the number of installations and hit the minimum required by GitHub Marketplace #devhub
Fix Checkbox layout issues #devhub
[Android] Fix Switch colors #devhub
Increase color contrast as requested by user on twitter #devhub
Publish article about code sharing between iOS, Android and Web
Finish article about code sharing using react-native-web + monorepo, start recording the video tutorial
Start article about code sharing between ios/android/web/server/desktop as suggested by twitter followers #devhub