sent new Screen Hunt Beta Access #screenhunt
receive feedback for the Tablet and Mobile views
motion draft for Instagram Stories #screenhunt
Rocket League Marathon
sexy ease for motion? why not #screenhunt
set up AE with all the plugins from MBP to iMac
read feedback for #cryptoboard design views
play Rocket League (max 5 matches)
send tablet and mobile views for the review (49 views)
modals for register overlay for Tablet and Mobile
typography udpated in Design System for Tablet and Mobile
supporting documents for Tablet and Mobile
modals cart for Tablet and Mobile
clean up desk from the faking mess
send full notifications page with active mass edits options
send almost all the tablet and mobile views for review
tip for the developers to add -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
fix read/unread toggles for full notifications page and mass edit
read the feedback about full notifications page
update typography for tablet views in Design System
send .svg wordmark logo #hyperping
download files for the project inside Abstract app
signup for the roadmap
removed stitches
start first design drafts for the new product #boardspace