Dan Matthews
  • 📅 Mar '18
  • 👻 4
recovered deleted legacy versions 😱 #userchatdevops
refactor customer pass validity method to rely on sql instead of ruby object checks #gtspunchpass
rebase series refactor stuff from last week to get ready for staging #gtspunchpass
another rebase of the jwt branch #gtspunchpass
fix failing poltergeist tests after the master rebase #gtspunchpass
staging environment for new box app #userchatdevops
js-sdk deploy script should update package.json version before build #userchatdevops
configure ssl and dns for box-staging.userchat.io #userchatdevops
deploy user-chat-box to staging env #userchatdevops
mark a message as viewed by it's owner on save #userchatelixir
tell the frontend if the user requesting a message has already viewed it #userchatelixir
decouple the user making a request from the session #userchatelixir
dance like nobody's watching