bereken aantal slides ipv characters
Create the first theme for a Storie, title + text slides.
make insta posts about functions
change homepage, show all 3 main functions #press
Change pricing $20 - 80/160 #press
show the number of slides #press
write blog for #press to test blog to storie function
add auto styling for 17 > characters
change slides from 350 characters to 500
create a way to hold screenshots if screenshot layer rate_limit_reached. via api
create a load something when text is generating #press
add all slides for make stories
make slides faster and only text #press
create title slide when add new storie blog #press
make blog for #press on write as
add bron url when public story #press
dashboard to view stories as text
create images from slides
when select word show btn to move the word to the next slide #press
Title slide design #press
customize background + text color. For stories & posts #press
style input text with custom made buttons & workflows √√√√√ #press