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owns www.eekayonline.com | team lead | maker | apps | SaaS | cross-platform | mobiledev | The Netherlands
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prevent screen from going dark during washing procedure #washem


create first audio podcast episode for shipharder.com from video #shipharder
check out if intravert.co is useful to implement on the #shipharder website
write article about audio books #shipharder


as a user I can see the items for the current week so I know what I want to focus on #weekon
as a user I want to browse through previous weeks so I can view my item history #weekon
as a user I can see the current weeknumber so I know what week it is #weekon
as a User I can see the weeknumber of the week I'm viewing the items for so I know what week I'm looking at #weekon
as a user I can commit my todos for the upcoming week so they are planned #weekon
as a user I can choose to plan items for this week if i'm one day later #weekon
as the app i will check if the user had items planned last week so I can show the user the review screen #weekon
as a user I can see last weeks items on the review screen so I can process them #weekon
as a user I can complete last weeks items on the review screen to mark them completed #weekon
as a user I can update last weeks items on the review screen to indicated goal changes #weekon
as a user I can adopt last weeks items on the review screen to copy them to the next week #weekon
as a user I can split last weeks items on the review screen so i can process a part of it #weekon
as a user I can kill last weeks items on the review screen to mark them as dropped item #weekon
as the app I will send a reminder to the user to plan their week so they are triggered to review and plan #weekon
as the app I will email a summary to the person of interest (poi) so they are aware of the progress #weekon


create xamarin.forms app to call api #reseption
get list of locations from api #reseption /todo create geofences for location coordinates with radius #reseption
signal entry and exit for geofences #reseption
run geofences entry and exit in background or closed app #reseption
research a simple rule mechanism #reseption


add simple image picker to fetch photo #lama
Create initial Xamarin.Forms project #lama
implement creating custom album and save image to it #lama
implement saving custom text(layer) on top of image #lama

Take And Find

save compass direction aka heading to picture info file #taf
checkout twitch.tv for live coding Take And Find #taf
save info alongside picture #taf
research best filters and detection for comparing take and find pics #taf
add visual (screenshots / animation) and extra spacing to takeandfind.com landingpage #taf
create permission screen #taf
create Xamarin.Forms crossplatform custom component to detect altitude using CMAltimeter on iOS and (if available) SensorManager.GetAltitude on Android #taf

Without a product

add and weigh AMP and PWA mobile solutions #getappvise
redesign getappvise test to be onepage solution #getappvise
add remarks to getappvise.io questions for extra info on outcome sheet #getappvise
implement payment service for getappvise.io #getappvise
Help Richard persuade his fiancee to eat her steak medium-rare #life
implement emailing outcome pdf #getappvise
write article on multidex issue when using Firebase Push Notifications in Xamarin.Forms app
migrate getappvise app to use airtable api #getappvise
create airtable data sheet for todays mobile app types #getappvise
remove wordpress frontend from getappvise.io and replace by new app setup #getappvise