Edwin Klesman
1981 | Tech lead | cross-platform | mobiledev | apps | Holland | SaaS
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Create a service specific landing page #eekayonline
discussed my company intentions and clear the path to do them with my parttime job's CEO #eekayonline
putting Getappvise.io in the fridge and dismiss the product idea #life
first encounter with react native and yarn #life
reach out to Miss Appril for network oppertunities #eekayonline
add redis caching to eekay.nl website #eekayonline
add redis caching to shipharder.com website #shipharder
create Facebook page for EEKAY ONLINE #eekayonline
send out company launch on Linkedin #eekayonline
finished second consultancy knowledge session for first customer #eekayonline
publish pixel-imagery sparkled page for my company www.eekayonline.com #eekayonline
finish landingpage for my company #eekayonline
finish mailchimp buying persuasion campaign #leancontentmarketing