another try on stuff #fullstackjob
check/activate new resumes #fullstackjob
fix seo server side route #fullstackjob
Deploy Release 1.2.46, Complete Candidate Contact & Resume Privacy Flow #fullstackjob
Screenshot from 2019-05-18 13-13-17.png
admin tasks job postings #fullstackjob
deploy fe/api/engine - Release 1.2.44 - Candidate Contact Form Flow #fullstackjob
filter for remote only/ok candidates #fullstackjob
Feeling "proud" for this prize won the 3th time in sequence in day job responsibility #life
Screenshot from 2019-05-15 03-00-15.png
some onboarding content for Candidates #fullstackjob
Screenshot from 2019-05-15 04-42-51.png
Add Remote/Location Settings for Candidates Resume Builder #fullstackjob
Screenshot from 2019-05-14 06-19-49.png
update content to promote resume builder a bit better #fullstackjob
Privacy Settings and Skill/Job Type Filters deployed #fullstackjob
Screenshot from 2019-05-12 08-48-15.png