implement infinite scroll for drone part pages of #dronebuilder to improve performance
Add drone project edit dialog #dronebuilder
Add Terms of Service & Privacy Policy #dronebuilder
Setup website redesign meeting #thinkdev
Prepare VAT pre-registration of 4. Quarter 2017 #thinkdev
Update rules to allow not registered users to vote for drone projects #dronebuilder
Add a back button option to private login area to go back to public page without logout #dronebuilder
evaluate candidates and update angel list job ad #thinkdev
fix multiple popups while removing skills bug
fix bug: loose related skills while relogin
let dropdown menu disappear after item clicked
take a look at Qbs build system #thinkdev
prepare IT DE invoice nov 2017 #thinkdev
prepare IT DE invoice dec 2017 #thinkdev
prepare FP invoice dec 2017 #thinkdev
prepare contracts and invoices of 2017 #thinkdev
redesign buttons
find a stateless(no sessions/cookies involved) auth solution
ask vnizza for status