It depends on what you are looking for.

The main differences come down to:
-Payment processing access
-Where you can open bank accounts
-Tax rate
-Regulator (if you need a financials services license this will be very relevant)
-Tax treaties (if you need that, depending on your situation, the tax laws of where you live etc.)

Your question requires a more complex answer than you would think, because international tax law is complicated. However, if you research each of the points above, you'll get a clearer picture of what the advantages are, which is usually not that clear-cut.

thanks Fredrik. I've seen that and a few others are incorporated in Singapore and that caught my attention

What your market is willing to pay for it. This might not seem helpful at a first glance, but that is always what it comes down to, no matter what product or service you are selling.

Revolut Business can be a great option, but I think they only accept businesses in the EEA at the moment. Alternatively, you can use TransferWise for Business, which covers companies in more jurisdictions.

TransferWise looks like a great option. Have you tried Western Union?

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I saw your 45 cm stickers, lol 😂

Those wasn't from Zazzle tho 😂😂😂

Here is a simple suggestion. Can be added to the 'Deals' page, unless there is an initial giveaway.


You can have a look at, but Osome seems like a very interesting option.