Beta (Upcoming version): Worked on implementing an admin user tier #securedfyi
Beta (Upcoming version): Rename 1.0 to Beta, because I won't be able to implement all features if I want to ship this soon #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Found a great resource to implement an admin user tier #securedfyi
Applied for Front-end Development course #lifeandstuff
1.0 (Upcoming version): Commented out code that caused a permanent push to dashboard when logged in if visiting "/" #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Worked on implementing an admin user tier #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Changed expiry time of activation token to 24 hours, and added a mention of that to the activation email #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Changed text of activation emails for production #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Removed hard coding of email data for testing #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Restricted access to un-activated accounts #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Pushed changes to repository #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Move email activation feature from test app to development app #securedfyi
1.0 (Upcoming version): Activation by email successful #securedfyi