go through the new signups and add them to testflight #dailyvibes
put things for sale locally
create viewmodel for main item #dailyvibes
update stuff #dailyvibes
make custom view for headers based on theme... or figure out what to do about it #dailyvibes
match aligned of custom cell with standard cell #dailyvibes
🛠 fixed this icon issue #dailyvibes
🛠 fixed this icon issue #dailyvibes
fix this 🐞 bug that has been 😡 annoying me for a while #dailyvibes yay small 🏆 wins
Adjust the text view on new todo to be dynamic and look good #dailyvibes
Fix placeholder text color for Tags and List View #dailyvibes
fix delet ebutton size on new todo screen #dailyvibes
missed theming cells fix