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I'm doing a challenge to write 50 blogs in 2020 👉🏻
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Corona Coping Inventory
Help people to stay healthy based on their personality
My consultancy projects
Find bike sharing services near you
A leaderboard for birthdays
Stop wasting marketing budget by targeting on personality
Online passport photo service/SaaS/API
The dating app for your home
Visual personality test/SaaS/API
A game for virtual football agents
My Life
My personal tasks
My Business
Corporate tasks
Find a stay that fits your personality
Like a Local
Explore cities with one tip from a local a day
Find your private language teacher
Personal User Guide
Help others to get along with you better
My Newsletter
Monthly curated newsletter about online business
Packing List for Travelers
A packing list for travelers
World's Basic Words
A list of 10 basic words in al languages
My Blog
De ABN vloeit uit m'n pen
Project Tyler Durden
A one year project to get ripped and fit