Denis G
Let the robots do the work 🤖
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  • 📅 Aug '19
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Hire help. It's what helped me. I was able to focus on more interesting tasks and let the partner do some heavy lifting. Now I only code when I want to, and I'm enjoying the process again.

go with IO, if you're doing anything related to IT and you absolutely can't find a .com. I faced a similar dilemma and decided to go with, because there was absolutely nothing available in the .com zone.

I do that frequently, both buy and sell content. #seolife. The price depends on your niche, traffic and domain authority.

Twitter, (Russian business site that focuses on tech), and a lot of Feedly, which makes it possible to stay within one app and read all I need to know, instead of browsing a ton of websites. I miss old school RSS readers, lol.
And of course my main project gets a ton of daily visits from me 😅

Ahaha love SEO Bots which I already told u 😂